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Can Hydrangeas Grow In The Philippines

Hydrangeas are a popular garden flower in the Philippines. They come in a variety of colors, from blue to pink and white, and add beauty to any garden with their large blooms.

However, for hydrangeas to grow in the Philippines, there are certain criteria that must be met. The soil needs to be acidic; a pH level of 4.5 or lower is ideal.

The soil also needs to have good drainage and should not be overly wet or soggy. Additionally, hydrangeas need at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.

Appropriate watering is also key; they should only be watered when the top inch of soil is dry and then deeply until there’s runoff out of the pot. Fertilizer can be applied every three weeks throughout spring and summer, specifically made for acid-loving plants like hydrangeas. Lastly, during dry spells, water the plants more often. 

Following these steps will help ensure optimal growth and flowering for your hydrangeas in the Philippines!

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