Can Hydrangeas Grow In Pots

Hydrangeas are beautiful, versatile plants that can provide a stunning display of blooms in any garden. But did you know they can also be grown successfully in pots? 

Yes, it’s possible! Pot-grown hydrangeas offer all the majesty and ease of regular garden plants but require much less space. Plus, when correctly potted and cared for, these lovely vines give off a delightful perfume as well as impressive visual interest. 

When potting your hydrangea, select an outdoor pot with adequate drainage holes at the bottom. Ideally, choose one with enough depth to allow the roots to spread out comfortably; a minimum of 10 inches is ideal. Fill up to two-thirds of your container with quality potting soil before planting your chosen shrub. 

For maximum flower production, position your pot where it will receive partial shade throughout the day and avoid excessive direct sunlight at all times. Water deeply every few days or when the soil feels dry around an inch down below the surface – overwatering should be avoided since this encourages root rot or fungal blight issues in locked containers. Fertilize every 3–4 weeks during the growing season using a nutrient-rich feed formulated for flowering shrubs. 

Finally, prune away dead or damaged foliage periodically to ensure continual health and vigor before winter sets in each year, then wrap with fleece to protect from any extreme cold weather if necessary; this will help promote better-blooming results next summertime!

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