Can Grass Grow Without Fertilizer

Grass needs nutrients to stay nourished. Just like any plant, they rely on hydration and fertility to grow healthy and thrive. But can grass survive without fertiliser?

Yes and no. At a basic level, grass needs sunlight, water, oxygen, and some natural soil minerals to stay alive. With a shallow root system and short life span, it doesn’t require much more than those things to survive.

But if you want lush growth in the longterm, your grass will need periodic nitrogen applications since soil naturally lacks this vital nutrient for plants. However, natural sources such as composted animal manure or fish waste can also supply live plants with essential nutrients without chemical applications. 

Excess fertilizer may be harmful too so better use them judiciously as “too much of anything isn’t good.” If you are using artificial fertilizers for the lawn, be sure to test the pH levels of your soil regularly and select only appropriate fertilisers for your environment. 

Grass should not be over-fed as its nutritional needs often change due to weather conditions or shade which could play a role in altered growth rate. An excessive use of chemicals might harm other beneficial organisms in the soil. Choose organic ways where possible as it builds healthier soils that help lawns maintain health during stressful conditions so lawns have fewer maintenance problems over time!

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