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Can Cactus Grow Without Soil

Cactus can grow without soil and thrive. We may be surprised to learn that is rooted in a solid foundation is not essential for success.

Cacti have adapted over time to survive even in the most inhospitable of environments – from deserts to rocky slopes – with little or no ground soil. To endure these conditions, cacti have evolved their root system so that it’s shallow but wide, allowing them to absorb any sparse moisture or dew from the air instead of relying on fertile earth.

In fact, given sufficient water and ample light, cacti can also thrive suspended in sand, perlite, or gravel mixtures; this method is sometimes used by succulent growers to create fabulous compositions of plants hanging in mid-air.

But if you choose a soil-less method, you must ensure your plants receive very regular watering – preferably with mineralized solutions like rainwater paired with special fertilizers made just for succulents and cacti. Monitoring humidity carefully is also important; it should be kept at levels of around 60%.

With soil-less cultivation, we create an environment different from the ordinary ones and identify our own ingredients to meet the particular needs of our potted friends. Cactus are resilient and flexible (in more ways than one!) You just have to work out what works for them – after all, inspiration thrives away from uniformity!

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