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Can Bonsai Tree Get Rained On

Rain is a natural necessity for bonsai trees. The moist environment can help improve the growth of roots and promote a healthy, vibrant canopy. In climates such as Japan, where temperatures fluctuate between warm and cold, rainy days provide some much-needed relief.

It’s important not to over-water your bonsai tree; overwatering can cause root rot, fungi, and fungal diseases in your tree. Rainfall should only be taken into account when watering your bonsai on an average week: if rainfalls are above an inch or two one week, then you would need to cut back on your regular watering the following week. Many plants prefer the extra moisture from rainfall and it can be beneficial for them to get exposed to light rain and dew.

Additionally, outdoor bonsai trees need protection from heavy downpours and thunderstorms that might damage smaller branches or leaves. Though the rain helps with healthy growth, it’s important to shelter those bonsais during particularly intense thunderstorms and rainfalls in order to avoid branch death or strong winds which could uproot them.

Indoor bonsai should also be protected against heavy rains by placing them in sheltered areas away from windows or doors that could let water in, as these environments aren’t well suited for exceedingly wet conditions! Allowing indoor bonsais to stay dry ensures their healthful shape.

In conclusion, bonsais need exposure to light rains or dewdrops for healthy growth but should generally remain out of excessive rainfall to protect weakened branches from storms or overly wet climates indoors!

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