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Are Succulents Better In Soil Or Sand

Soil or sand? That’s the big question when it comes to succulents. Both offer distinct advantages, and a gardener needs to consider the variables before choosing. Here’s what to know:

Soil gives succulents better drainage, which is essential for preventing root rot. Its looser construction encourages aeration, promoting root growth and health. It also helps retain water more fully than sand.

Sand, however, has far higher drainage—perfect for hot and arid climates where excess water can be detrimental. Additionally, it’s easier to work with than soil, reducing plant maintenance time.

In either option, add organic material like compost and peat, which improves water retention and nutrient availability while offering added insulation against extreme temperature fluctuations.

When using soil, make sure it’s light and well-balanced so that it won’t compact around delicate roots—if too dense, roots will struggle to penetrate it for oxygen.

For sand, be sure to use course-grade material instead of fine granules, as this promotes optimal run-off as opposed to becoming saturated with retained moisture over time, thus causing root rot.

No matter your choice, always ensure proper drainage by positioning a tray beneath containers or applying rocks to the bottom of planting beds if possible. No one wants an unhappy succulent!

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