Are Grasses Low Maintenance

Gardening with grasses is a great option for low-maintenance landscaping. Despite the soft and airy appearance, grasses are surprisingly hardy plants, requiring very little in the way of upkeep.

From gentle waving prairie-style grasses to towering ornamental varieties, they offer flexibility to fit any garden size or vision. Plant them in beds with vibrant flowers or let them stand alone as vivid accents, adding texture and year-round interest.

Grasses are drought-tolerant and require only occasional trimming during the growing season. Unless planted in particularly lush soils, fertilizing isn’t necessary either. They’re generally easy to propagate by division or cuttings too.

Plus, grasses provide food and refuge for birds, bees, frogs, and other critters your outdoor space might attract instead of pests you don’t want. So if you want a stunning but no-work garden, go ahead and fill it with graceful swaths of grass!

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