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Are Eggshells Good For Hydrangeas

Growing hydrangeas can be challenging and rewarding. An important element in their success is using the right type of soil for optimal results. Eggshells contain nutrients that can improve soil acidity, providing an ideal environment for growing hydrangeas. 

Eggshells act as a natural fertilizer that helps plants absorb more nutrients and water from the soil, leading to bigger blooms. Before you add them to your mix, grind the shells with a mortar and pestle or use a blender to get a fine powder. This will make it easier for the shells to break down faster and for their calcium content to be absorbed into the soil.

It’s also important to ensure that you are using freshly boiled eggshells. The boiling process kills any bacteria related to salmonella and other foodborne diseases, reducing your risk of contamination in the garden area. 

To start fertilizing, gently work the eggshell powder into potting mix or surrounding soil on established hydrangeas before adding mulch and water thoroughly afterward. Another tip is to sprinkle it around each plant’s base once a month during springtime or summer months when actively growing new shoots or flowers begin blooming again in mid-summer through fall time. 

In addition to increasing acidity by providing essential nutrients such as calcium carbonate, eggshells also protect from slugs and snails due to their sharp texture that can pierce the thin bodies of those pests; just be sure not to break them too much before applying them directly onto your flowers! Finally – don’t forget about regular pruning of wilted stalks; this will ensure a better look & overall health of your hydrangeas for seasons to come!

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