Are Eggshells Good For Grass

Dubious of the benefits, many wonders if eggshells are truly good for the grass. Despite skepticism, research reveals this to be true.

Eggshells contain calcium carbonate and other minerals known to foster plant growth. Calcium increases cell division in root systems, causing them to expand. Greater volume promotes healthier roots that support robust crowns and stems. An extended system absorbs more water, promoting improved drought tolerance

Furthermore, calcium strengthens cell walls helping grass prevent drought stress damage. The added minerals act as natural soil aerators allowing greater amounts of oxygen, water, and fertilizing compounds to reach plants’ roots more efficiently. With a free supply of nutrient-dense eggs available daily, it may be worth adding ground shells to your lawn fertilizer routine this season.

Crushing – or grinding – eggshells is key to their usage; liberating the minerals trapped inside allows the best nutritional release when laying or sprinkling over the soil. To create the powder, simply crack open eggshells, rinse away remnants, and bake on low heat before pulverizing into a sand-like texture with a mortar & pestle or food processor. Sprinkle over garden beds as is or combine with other materials before application; layer lightly on topsoil, permitting greater coverage surface area. Your persistent efforts will pay off!

Ground eggshells can be used for lawn enrichment at any time of year, although it’s best done during fall cleaning so your grass can capture its full nutrition benefits from the start of the growing season come springtime

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