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Are Banana Peels Good For Hydrangeas

Banana peels are surprisingly beneficial for hydrangeas. While lots of gardeners don’t realize it, the skins contain essential nutrients as well as lots of phosphorus. This helps to strengthen roots, reduce pests and fight diseases. Plus, adding organic matter like banana peels to the soil helps to improve drainage and aeration – important factors in helping hydrangeas stay healthy. 

But there’s more! When a few banana peels are scattered around the base of your plants, they act as a natural fertilizer by slowly releasing potassium into the soil, which encourages blooms and healthful foliage growth. 

Additionally, applying a thin dusting of banana peel powder can help acidify soil levels and provide an extra boost of magnesium, calcium, and sulfur to your flowers – all key elements in creating beautiful blooms that last longer. 

Finally, don’t forget that banana peels can even repel slugs! The waxy layers found inside serve as natural repellents when spread around existing hydrangea plants. Try it for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

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