Gardening Positive

Whether you have a spacious backyard or a cozy apartment balcony, we hope our gardening tips will help you discover the joy of transforming your space into a lush, green oasis full of blooms.

There’s no doubt that growing grass to establish a lush, green lawn is the aim of almost all home owners.

With our container gardening ideas, you can make even the smallest spaces look big in style. Create a miniature garden that is full of color, texture, and life.

Make the most of your vertical space and grow your garden skyward with vertical gardening!

You can bring nature indoors and surround yourself with greenery all year round with indoor gardening. Learn how to care for the best indoor plants and how to make them last.

Whether you are looking to add romance, fragrance, elegance, or simply a touch of romance to your garden, roses are an excellent choice. Become an expert in the art of growing roses and caring for these beautiful blooms.

Cultivate patience and creativity with the ancient art of Bonsai growing. Discover the secrets of shaping and maintaining these miniature living sculptures and you will be able to create your own.

With our tips to growing cacti, you can add a touch of the desert to your garden with these low-maintenance, high-impact plants.

Discover the fascinating world of succulents, plants that thrive in the most challenging of environments. Learn how to grow succulents and you can cultivate a colorful, diverse succulent collection quickly and easily.

Hydrangeas are stunning blooms that will brighten up your garden no matter where you plant them. Once you master the art of growing hydrangeas in your outdoor space you will be able to enjoy their beauty at anytime of the year.

Grow sunflowers in your garden to reach for the sky and bring sunshine to your garden.

With their luxurious beauty, growing peonies are the stars of any flower garden.

The colorful harbingers of spring, growing tulips brings a touch of color to your garden.

Bring out those green fingers and start growing the garden of your dreams!